Our first season has started!

We are so excited to have launched the first class of The School of Sacred Design with a wonderful group of heart-centered creative women. Although registration has closed for this class, I invite you to join our waitlist for the next.

If you feel a calling to explore and express your true creative power and potential, please add your name and email below. By joining the waitlist you will receive early notifications about our next enrollment period, and we might surprise you with a special offer just for our waitlist members.

A home for heart-centered women to connect, learn, and bring their ideas to life

Go from being stuck, alone, and unsure of where to go next to empowered, supported, and nourished on your creative journey.

In this course you’ll get a step by step creative process, the tools, and community you need to finally bring your creative project to life.

A safe space to create your... next book

This space is designed for you.

It’s about getting to what is real, true, and needed within you – it’s about giving yourself permission to finally bring those ideas that keep you up at night to life (especially that one that feels rebellious).

We’re all inherently creative beings with the ability to tap into and channel creative energy and yet so many of us come up against major road blocks when it comes to actually creating the things that are closest to our hearts. What’s worse is that we can mistake these blockages as brokenness or things within us that we have to fix making it hard to figure out how to move forward.

You’re exactly where you need to be if you’re…

Ready to move forward on a creative project that’s been in your heart by deepening your connection to the creative life force energy, the Earth, and your own power.

Wanting scheduled time, space, and accountability to work on your creative idea and bring it to life.

Looking to experience the energetics of creativity and learn a more holistic approach that honors feminine and masculine energy.

Curious about learning a process to run your ideas and problems through to find powerful creative solutions over and over again as you discover the Sacred Design of your life and how your project interweaves with that design.

Ready for new levels of support in a powerful community of like-minded souls

Looking for ways to channel your connection to spirit into the world and understand the link between spirituality and creativity

…you’re in the right place.

You DO NOT need to be an artist or a mom or even have an idea of what to create before we begin.

In fact – as we move through this process you might be surprised at what new ideas comes up

The Process

Womb based creativity ™

Womb based creativity is based in movement, creativity, & spirituality.

Experience what it means and feels like to create from the most potent power center within you – your womb space. We begin in feminine energy as we root into this space, connect to the Earth and with that support we move our creative vision up through the chakras and out into masculine energy to fully express our vision in the physical world.

Stacey’s teachings come from her own experiences as a yoga teacher, mom, artist, entrepreneur, & Art Medicine Practitioner and she teaches through this lens.

When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for.

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Journey

Intention: Fueling the Creative Fire

Set an intention based on what you’re creating, what you need, and the energy you’d like to embody as you get there. Starting in this powerful energetic space changes everything!

Symbols: Unearthing Inner Guidance

Play in the dream realm and call in subconscious symbols to support you on your journey. These symbols are a gentle shift into visuals and may become key maps, imagery, or branding elements.

Alignment: Support & Surrender

Most creative projects fail because we don’t take the time to come into alignment with what we’re creating. This is your chance to clear blockages, call in more support, and get intimate with what you’re creating.

Exploration: Awareness & Curiosity

This step is often overlooked. It’s incredibly powerful to take a step back and understand how our creative project fits into our reality, our cultures, and how it relates to the legacy of what’s already been created.

Alchemy: Active Creation

This is where most creatives start, however you’ll have momentum, guidance, and support from the work you’ve already done so what can be the hardest part becomes a natural next step in creating.

Voice: Expression & Visibility

Every creative project deserves a chance to be expressed in some way. Discover what needs to be shared and how and lean into your beautiful community to practice being seen and heard as you do.

Integration: Refilling the Well

Inspired by the intensity of postpartum – this stage is not addressed in creative programs and is essential. Bring in the energy of completion, healing, and learn how to refill so that you can create again and again.

But above all else…

The School of Sacred Design is a space to reclaim your inherent ability to create and experience what creative thinking means and feels like. Shift out of the consumer culture we live in and into a creative culture – one where you reclaim the power to create not just a creative project – but anything you need.

The Structure

This 7 month program goes from May – November.
Here’s what you’ll get access to…

7 Binge-worthy Videos & Workbooks

Each video will have a new creative practice and teachings you can try out at your own pace and try out a new creative practice.

7 Pre-recorded Meditations

Enjoy a meditation for each module to energetically support you from one step to the next.

Community Support

Access to a group chat where you can connect with like-minded creatives anytime you need help, feedback, or to be seen.

Live Q&A and Studio Time Calls

You’ll have time to hang out with other creatives, get real time guidance, and work on your project together.

* Stay tuned for Guest Teachers & Additional Bonuses *


“Stacey is a gifted visual artist with a strong tie to the Divine Feminine, which infuses her work and teachings. She is a talented guide with a big and generous heart. At the School for Sacred Design, students will develop their artistic talents under Stacey’s expert facilitation while being held in a deeply caring community. For anyone seeking to expand their creative expression and strengthen their relationship with their inner guidance I cannot recommend Stacey and the School for Sacred Design highly enough.”


Working with Stacey is such a real and peaceful experience.  With such love she holds space and tunes in with her divine gifts, always showing up powerfully for the people she’s working with.  Stacey is a beautiful human being and the type of friend that all feel blessed to know.  I’ve never met any purer embodiment of love.  She has helped me tremendously in various ways.

Daniel V.

Stacey’s heart is wide open.  She embodies Love, total presence and holds a space for you to breakthrough any breakdowns holding one back from being here now.

Veronique A.

Stacey was invaluable in assisting me at just the right time and in exactly the right way.  Her intuition and insight helped me recreate myself and bring into form my Spirit Project.  Her guided visualizations explored deep realms and facilitated deep healing.

Marsha F.

Stacey has a beautiful way of creating a safe container that allows you to go deep inside and discover hidden gems that give you new perspectives on where you are and what you deeply desire in life.

Rozlyn W.

Wow!  Talk about landing in a space of pure creative generous talent drenched in unconditional love.   Her enthusiastic casual nature draws out a lighter side of me.

Sally M.

Stacey is a BRILLIANT STAR that SERIOUSLY shines into your own shadows of doubt or hesitancy and inspires you more than I can describe.  I came away from our calls and Going Deeper sessions literally sparkling with “I CAN DO THIS” – she is a gift to humanity.

Avea G.

Let’s create something beautiful together!

“Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment. And when we introduce an intention in our pure potentiality, we put this infinite organizing power to work for us.”

– Deepak Chopra

A personal note from Stacey…

Dear Creative Soul,

You’re exactly where you need to be if you’re feeling called to create something in your life and express yourself in a bigger way than ever before.

I know how big it can feel to claim more time, space, and resources for yourself AND I know the transformation that is possible for you on the other side of that initial YES to moving forward on your creative dreams.

I believe that if you have a dream in your heart and you’re brave enough to say yes to that dream, a path unfold in front of you to make it real. I believe we all have more support than we think and it’s essential to lean into that support so we can create what we need.

I reached out to my first mentor when I was 38 weeks pregnant with our daughter. I had no idea what was coming, but I could feel how big motherhood would be and I knew I didn’t want to do it alone. My entire life shifted the day I said yes to myself, my vision, and my inner knowing. At the time it felt so uncomfortable and I had no idea how it would all unfold, but I am forever grateful I trusted my gut. Showing up for myself and my creativity has had a profound and positive impact on my life, my family, and my community. I have a greater capacity to love and serve because I gave myself what I needed. I promised myself I would create that same space for other women to give them the same opportunity I had.

So if you’re on the fence or you feel like you don’t belong here, if you have no idea what you would even create in this space, but you have a feeling it’s for you – I’d like to invite you in and give you permission to say YES to yourself and to your dream. You’re here for a reason and your dreams MATTER. I hope to see you inside the school and I look forward to creating alongside you.

With love and gratitude,


P.S. I’m just an email away if you have any questions (hellolove@staceymaney.com)


Spiritual: The School of Sacred Design was created from a place of curiosity and love. All viewpoints, religions, and beliefs are welcome here and the different perspectives shared are intended to support you on your creative journey. There are many paths to reclaiming your creativity – take what resonates with you and bless the rest.

Medical: Information shared during this program is not a substitute for professional therapeutic or medical advise, diagnosis, or treatment. The host and the company involved in the production of this series do not recommend or endorse any specific test, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on this website, in any guest teacher’s content, and any other teachings. Reliance on any information appearing on this website is solely at your own risk and discernment.

Always seek the advice of your own physician or qualified health provider who knows your specific situation before making changes in your medications, supplements, diet, exercises, or any health-related choices.